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General Information

Curriculum Calendars

The Curriculum Department is committed to ensuring the standardized delivery of our high quality curriculum. By working with a committee of fine teachers, academic coaches, and highly qualified professionals, the department worked to organize our district curricula in a clearly outlined calendar format. These Curriculum Calendars are in the hands of every elementary school teacher, grades K-5. The ultimate goal of creating and organizing these were to ensure that we are unified as a district in the implementation of our adopted curricula. Teachers are devoted to following these calendars to ensure that the district’s curricula are delivered in a timely and effective manner to all students.

Academic Achievement Coaches

Maricopa Unified School District is pleased to announce the placement of Academic Achievement Coaches at each of our Elementary School Sites. Academic Coaches are a direct extension of the Curriculum Department and help to support teachers through curriculum guidance and professional development across all content areas in grades K-8.

Academic Achievement Coaches work collaboratively with teachers and principals and closely with the curriculum department to support the district’s implementation of content area curricula. They provide leadership, classroom support, and professional development with district-adopted programs and a variety of other supplementary materials used in K-8 classrooms.

The Academic Coaches at each site work hard to model classroom lessons, consult with teachers and other staff members, and prepare and deliver in-service for teachers as needed or requested. They also communicate with parents and community organizations as appropriate on issues related to content area instruction and curricula. Additionally, the Academic Achievement Coaches are directly responsible for overseeing the implementation and delivery of Tier 3 of the Response to Intervention model to address the needs of students in many areas, including all core subjects, emotional and/or
behavioral problems, and speech and language problems across all grade levels. By leading all campuses in the collection and use of data, appropriate interventions will be implemented for all students who are considered to be at-risk, either academically or behaviorally.

When choosing district curriculum, the Maricopa Unified School District is committed to involving all stakeholders in the review and decision making process. In compliance with school district policy, the Curriculum Department ensures that that instructional materials intended for use by more than five students at a time is available for the public to review. Prior to public display, teams of parents and teachers come together to analyze and evaluate the materials. A select number of teachers pilot the programs and report their experience back to the Curriculum Department. Following the public inspection, the departments’ curricular advisory committee reviews the reports before deciding to
recommend or not recommend purchasing the materials. The final decision for purchase rests with the school board.

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